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12 Feb

What To Wear And What To Read

Tips on what to wear and read during the weekend. Not always I hit the gym, sometimes I need a quite, cosy weekends with a good cup of tea fluffy blanket accompanied by my little friend Ipso. Often I have been wearing my comfy jeans, striped t-shirt and my super warm knit. This is pretty much my "to go" outfit during weekends, if I know that I have to go out with my dog or having guests over....
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7 Feb


Todays outfit is all about comfort and keeping warm. I sometimes find it difficult to find an outfit that could fit to my hectic schedule. My days are packed with business meeting, different sport activities and also being "functional" woman in every day life.   This outfit is more representing my very casual and lets say "functional" day, on the go! I love a proper winter coat, this one I got from sister ...
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20 Jan

Chemical Hair Colours Vs Natural Henna

Do you know how hair colourants work? You better sit down, because you might be surprised by how gross the process is. Hair colourant gets into every single hair and breaks through straight to the core thanks to the chemicals. Although they may colour your hair, the problem is that at the same time these chemicals cause dry hair makes the individual hairs fragile and destroys the natural pigment. It is a big shock for your hair. That’s...
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4 Jan

A Dash Of Danish Christmas

How was your Christmas? I have changed my plans last minute and traveled to my home town for holidays. It was an excellent choice to travel during the busiest day of the year by a car (irony). Anyhow, it was amazing to spend a time with my family, usually they would come to Denmark for Christmas but this year was different, much different. And today I am revealing a little bit of my Christmas home decor back in...
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18 Dec

Good Things Take Time

This is surely my last post before Christmas. The fact that we will be spending holidays at my home country, is absolutely wonderful. I kind of miss the classic potato salad with the fried carp fish. I will therefore be offline - the time with my family and friends is very special to me. I want to recharge my batteries by eating, drinking, sweating in the gym, climbing the "mountains", skiing, ice-scating, bowing with my grandma :D. And...
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8 Dec

Launching Of Voono.dk

Now, it took some discussing, planning and creating but finally our new website is now online. It is called VOONO.dk, which is e-shop/blog focused on healthy and beautiful hair. It took a bit longer that I initially thought, but the final outcome is pretty awesome. If you are a little bit curious, what we have been working on for some months, so head over to this page VOONO.dk and let me know what do you think.   VOONO is...
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22 Nov

Christmas, Festive Outfit

There are only few weeks up to Christmas and we started the season very traditionally! How else than dressing up like total Christmas freaks. Drinking a warm glogg and eating traditional danish "æbleskiver", is such a lovely tradition. The most of my festive fashion items, I got from ASOS, hence I will leave some links where you can find similar items. Mine are probably two seasons old, so they do not have them in the stock anymore....
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14 Nov

How To Make Your Hair Grow Faster?

I managed to grow my hair very fast, although on curly hair like mine it is not so visible. Here are my favourite tips on how to achieve long and healthy hair fast. Apply argan oil on your hair once a week. Wear your hair braided and avoid hair ties with iron clips. Do not straighten your hair with an iron. Blow your hair with cold air instead hot air. Create waves using a rubber band or by...
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10 Nov

How To Dye Your Hair With Henna?

https://www.youtube.com/edit?o=U&video_id=9zk3vbrVXDs Have you ever tried to dye your hair at home? And have you tried henna (natural hair colour)? It is so easy and it works really good in terms of achieving the colour you want. Do not worry you would not end up with red hair, unless you want it. I mixed dark and medium brown from VOONO, and the result was great. My hair is looking very natural, and has a nice glow, which is so...
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