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22 May

An Outdoor Experience With Yogapassion.dk

Last sunday, was the very first day with a yoga instructor Mitzi - YogaPassion.dk and our long time planned and awaited outdoor yoga experience. Around 40 people showed up for this event, which to be honest I did not expect. There were more women than men and also some teenagers. The yoga class was structured well, so everyone could participate.   I tried different kinds of yoga, from hatha yoga, hot yoga, aerial yoga but this was a very...
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21 May

On My Way To Yoga

So it is happening, I am on my way to my very first outdoor yoga. I got an idea just after New Years, why not to organise yoga outside? Well, and so it happened. I called friend Andrea, to hear if she could recommend somebody and so she did. She recommend YogaPassion.dk. Shortly after we had a meeting and we agreed on summer yoga classes on very the secret spot in my garden. So far it look like...
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20 May

How To Have Beautiful & Chic Garden

When it comes to decor a curtail part of house is  flower garden, terrace or balcony. Sun is shining and that means that we all tend to spend more time outside during the spring and summer months. So how to make you garden look stunning and chic for this upcoming season, read my few simple tips bellow.   The colour pallet Choose a colour pallet that you love, I would recommend two or three colours that complement each other. Like...
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18 May

The Blue Dress & Cherry Blossom

I love to share this set of photos with you, spring and the time when the cherry blossoms are in full bloom is my favourite time of the year. The garden looks so majestic, and it creates such a breath-taking atmosphere, especially when the sun is setting on the horizon. That is the exact time when these photos were taken. For this occasion, I was wearing this powder blue dress, that is so minimalistic. I think it so gorgeous...
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15 May

Schou Løbet Weekend Update

A quick update from this weekends many events, I am sharing with you few images from Schou Løbet aka Schou Run. No, I was not participating but maybe a next year I should give it a try. Although I am not very good runny anymore, and for sure not a long distance runner. The only distance I could manege is 2,7 km.   This weekend was packed with many differens events and activities, from hunting, cross fit training, to vintage cars...
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11 May

Powder Room Makeup

That is as much makeup as I would use on everyday basics. It is not very excessive, I know but that is how I use to do my makeup every day. I would rather spend extra the minutes to drink my morning coffee then spend ten minutes on adding eyeshadows and fake lashes on. Yes, skincare that is the whole different story, I could use double as much time on papering my skin than applying makeup. Nonetheless,...
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8 May

Homemade Rolls Aka. Koldhævede Boller

Are you looking for a good recipe to make sundays fresh and crispy rolls? Here is a tested recipe that is approved by my family and friends. Last weekend we had a family gathering for breakfast and these rolls made such a good impression. Everyone loved them! The rolls are quite easy to make and you get the most perfect crispy and airy bread for you morning table. The only thing that you need for your morning...
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6 May

Kähler Omaggio Vase

Another piece to my home collection is this cute little vase from Kähler. You can find this vase in different sizes, shapes and colour but for me personally, this one with silver stripes is a timeless piece that would fit to any home. I know that many of my friends have this cutie, because it is so popular...
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3 May

Breakfast At Themsens

Great spot for breakfast, a good espresso and homemade goodies is Themsens Cafe. If I am looking into history of my latest post, I would most probably have to make a map for you of my favourite places to eat. Well for sure there is many cool places, but the cutest and cosiest one is this one.   Recommended: Fru Themsens homemade cinnamon sirup, that is great for your yogurt. I am eating yogurt with this sirup every morning,...
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