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20 Sep

Casual Day – White Jacket & Jeans

Hello my friends, checking back once again from my home country Czech. I was again invited to wedding and this time I will be a made of honour. Well, I got a longer vacay because I have some duties connected to my friends wedding. So I am enjoying my days to fullest with my family and friends. Quality time like this is so precious for me.   Anyhow, we went for a short hike and I was wearing my...
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11 Sep

September Must-Have Vest

Last week I was wearing a lot this beautiful vest. It is really gloomy in Denmark, hence the sudden wardrobe change from summer to autumn. When we come to autumn I transform some of my summer pieces into more 'winter' appropriate looks. Witch means, I would use the same blouse or skirt and combine it with items like this vest.   At the time as I was buying this vest, I wan´t really sure how I would style it....
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2 Sep


I have a little and special for you, today. Ok, for those of you how are into natural, ecological, vegan friendly it might be something just right for you. Lately, I had a dialog with a cosmetic brand called VOONO. The brand that is creating a wonderful product and its a natural hair dye (henna). I have never tried to dye my hair at home, not even with regular hair dye ...
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21 Aug

Søstrene Grene New Coffee & Tea Tins

Cute, stylish and cheap these coffee and tea tins arrived not long time ago and I must say they are so adorable. For a long time I was looking for something cute I could store my coffee and tea in. Now, I found them and I think I will get a good use of all of them. Specially, I love settle colours with the gold contrast, it is so Andrea style (smiling).To be quite honest, I am...
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20 Aug

Sneakpeak Czech Wedding M+R

It is not very often I attend weddings, however this year seems to be different. This time it was a wedding of my cousin and I have to say that I kinda helped her to meet her now husband. I am not going into details, but with that fact in mind it was extra special for me. As I mentioned in my previous post, we had an amazing time full of joy, happiness and love.   So today, I...
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15 Aug

Sisters Wedding Outfit

Just arrived back to Denmark, from my cousins wedding, which took place in the Czech republic, hence quite different background as you can see. I am only posting these photos because it was the only time to shoot my wedding look and of course this time together with my little sister. It is so seldom we see each other, so we cherish every single moment together. I have to admit that it is always so special, we...
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10 Aug

Instagram Lately

Quick update from far far away. As I am currently travelling and I have a limited access to the internet, I thought I would share my latest Instagram updates. I am actually going for my cousins wedding so it will be a weekend full of love and laugh. With that being said, I will try to snap few fashion outfits for you. For now my friends, speak to you soon. ♡♡♡...
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5 Aug

Bag Icons

Browsing the internet I realize how often have I seen these beautiful bags around. Also I noticed I have not written article like this one in avery long time, so lets jump into a little fashion recap. In the selection above are in my opinion the hottest and the most iconic style in the stores right now. One would really fall for the be beauty of craftamanship that was used to create these babies. From Tom Ford,...
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30 Jul

Latest Outfit Recap

Latest looks recap is here. My wardrobe is so versatile this season, from jackets to long tailored pants to light summer dress. If I would have to pick one item that I have been wearing all the time it would be for sure my tailored jacket. However, I been also wearing my white denim skirt and jeans a lot, it´s such a great piece that goes with everything. Perfect for travelling, so you can mix and match your outfits....
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