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12 Feb

What To Wear And What To Read

Tips on what to wear and read during the weekend. Not always I hit the gym, sometimes I need a quite, cosy weekends with a good cup of tea fluffy blanket accompanied by my little friend Ipso. Often I have been wearing my comfy jeans, striped t-shirt and my super warm knit. This is pretty much my “to go” outfit during weekends, if I know that I have to go out with my dog or having guests over. As much as the idea of staying in pyjamas all weekend long is very alluring, in my case it´s never possible.

Tips what to wear:

  • Comfy jeans that are not to tight (boyfriend jeans are also a good option)
  • Classic tee-shirt, my classic is white tee with blue stripes
  • Warm knit, that wraps your body perfectly
  • Minimum of make-up, to give your skin a break from the hectic workdays

Tips on what to read:

Here, I am sharing couple of books, I read lately, most of them are books that take your mind away, or I always fall asleep.

I hope you got inspired for cosy weekends. You can see more look, that I have been wearing here and here


Andrea is the founder and editor of www.catwalk-avenue.com

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