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4 Oct

The Forest Wedding

I am sharing with you a few moments from my dear friends Misha´s wedding, this time it was a ceremony in the forest. I must say it was the most romantic wedding I have seen so far. Atmosphere was so special, not sure if it was the music or the surroundings of the forest and maybe even rustic decorations and countless of candlelight’s. None the less, it was a magical wedding, like from old movie and my friend Mish was so stunning in long off white dress and her leather jacket was a cool touch. It was breathtaking the moment she was walking side by side of her daddy through the park approaching the little cottage. Looking like a forest fairy.


Misha has helped me so much in the past, especially when I was starting with Catwalk-Avenue, she is so talented and a great photographer – she took all these gorgeous photos for me, see it here, here and here. As I mentioned, she always helped me and never asked a thing in return. We had such a good time together, no need to comment (smiling). Yes, this wedding was so cosy and beautiful. So my dear friends Mish + Filip, I wish you happy married life together♡. You are a match made in heaven!


Andrea is the founder and editor of www.catwalk-avenue.com

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