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21 Oct

Saturday Makeup Tips

Are you tired of wearing makeup during the weekend, here is my quick fix for lazy days. Although I have a lot of makeup, I am in fact a makeup minimalist.When it comes to weekend, I try to keep it minimal. If I know that I will be staying at home or I will be working out I would skip my makeup routine completely. However, there are also weekends like, I know I have a guest coming or I planned a trip to city so I would do my 5 minutes makeup fix. Here are products, I would normally use during the weekend.



Eye cream

Every night before, I go to sleep, I apply an eye cream. It is actually standing on my night stand together with night cream and my lip balm. That way I never forget to do my night skin routine. The same I would do in the morning, starting with an eye cream.


Day cream

A proper day cream is must for me. I can´t apply any kind of makeup on my dry skin. So it prevents your skin before UVA/UVB and gives your skin the right amount of nutritious and care.


Lip balm

My absolute favourite this time is Ecooking lip balm.


Hair care

If you wonder how to get beautiful and healthy hair you might like VOONO products. I dyed my hair with natural hair colour and the result were great. Therefore I do not style my hair much. See post about VOONO here.



The foundation I was using for years is Vitalumiere Aqua from Chanel, it looks natural and feel very light on my skin. Therefore I use only small amount to cover some imperfections.



Eyelash curler

After that I will curl my lashes, to ensure that my eyelashes would stay in place and also they will hold the nice shape.



Normally I am using water-resistant mascara, right now I am using YSL, which I can also recommend. It is just a good one to hold your lashes up.



Last but not least, I fix my eyebrows with MAC dark brown shades. I usually apply a little bit of eyebrow gel to hold them in place.


Et Viola – here you have it very simple Sunday makeup routine. In fact I only use four makeup products and the rest is skincare.  As you can see I focus on moisturising my skin instead of applying lots of makeup.


Andrea is the founder and editor of www.catwalk-avenue.com

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