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16 Oct

I Tested Voono

I did it, I deid my hair! But I did it with a natural colour henna from VOONO. I never thought I will dye my hair again, because I was never happy with the results, but this time was very different. If you want to know how I achieved to have healthy, thing and shining hair keep reading the article below.



Lot of people asked me, “what do you do with your hair, Andrea”? I always answer, “nothing really”. I do not dey my hair with chemical colour, I do not heat style them and I even seldom cut my hair. I noticed after I skipped treating my hair with chemical colour(s), which I by the way did, when I was younger, my hair started to be stronger, grow faster and looked more healthier. I invest more money into a good products like high quality shampoo, conditioner and hair mask.


I have to say that my hair is naturally very curly and thick, therefore it looks very dry. Well, my experience after using henna natural hair colour, my hair is super shiny. Which, to be honest i did not expect. I have mixed two shades together medium and dark brown and the result was very pretty and natural. Exactly, what I wanted!!! Yes, I had a problem with application of henna, because I am a total beginner but with a help of my auntie (thanks) the result was a success.


So, really the key to beautiful and healthier looking hair is very simple, just skip the chemical JUNK and invest into good quality products. So this is my advice to you.




Andrea is the founder and editor of www.catwalk-avenue.com