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2 Oct

Beltine After Wedding Day

A fashion update! Before I travelled back to Denmark I managed to take some snaps of my after wedding day outfit! It was taken in super cosy forest hotel Beltine overlooking the mountains, where we stayed few nights and it was great relaxing time spent by chilling in hotel wellness, moutain hiking, room service and night full of dancing at my friends wedding.


My friends wedding colour pallet was green, so I took pretty serious (smiling). I just wanted to wear something comfortable, considering a big probability of having a hanover and sore feet from night full of dancing. Luckily for me, non of this was the problem the morning after. So, I wore my new, pink jumper from ZARA (it is in the stores right now) and my midi skirt. I even wore high heels, which I thought it would be no GO! Anyhow, it was a magical weekend again accompanied by my dearest friends and family. I hope this is a small fall inspiration for you deep green and bright pink is such a good combo.


Andrea is the founder and editor of www.catwalk-avenue.com

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