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27 Sep

Beer Spa Stramberk

I love spa of any kind, but I have never tried a beer spa. Trust me it was an experience I will remember, and for sure it was not my last visit. What else can a Czech girl like me plan for a ladies trip aka. bachelorette party. Hell yeah, a beer spa sounds like a great start of the day. This is so me and the gils loved it!


I travelled from Denmark to Czech just because of my friends wedding. Of course I planned a day full of activities, but one of them was chilling at the beer spa in a little city called Stramberk. Speaking for myself, I think this was the best decision ever, because all girls got into really “happy” mood. It stared in a massive bathtub which was filled with essential oils from beer. While having 25 minutes in the tub the staff is coming in with drafted beer to you. You could imagine the vibes (smiling). We had four separate baths, but we could open little wooden doors in between and we could see each other. That was brilliant because the girls chitchat started …oh well. Anyhow after that we were asked to go to the relaxing room, where more beer was served. It was a room with the most beautiful view over a small mountain. By that point I think we were quite tired and a bit drunk …. it was an awesome experience, which brought me back to the same spa five days after but that time it was more private. However the effect was pretty much the same.




I could not help myself to snap a selfie while drinking a beer. Side note this bathtub was so cool, I am considering to get it for my own home ;).

The stunning view from relaxation room, of course with more beer. I think by this point we were in pretty good mood. Considering the warm water and bubbles combined with few beers, was an excellent start of this bachelorette party. I had a feeling that my girls have enjoyed it.

So this is it from me, I can only recommend if you want to experience something new and relax your body and get into a good mood. Just go for it! Love from DK


Andrea is the founder and editor of www.catwalk-avenue.com

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    September 30, 2017 at 09:48