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3 May

Breakfast At Themsens

Great spot for breakfast, a good espresso and homemade goodies is Themsens Cafe. If I am looking into history of my latest post, I would most probably have to make a map for you of my favourite places to eat. Well for sure there is many cool places, but the cutest and cosiest one is this one.


Recommended: Fru Themsens homemade cinnamon sirup, that is great for your yogurt. I am eating yogurt with this sirup every morning, and I am running out now … so I guess I would need to buy some to stock 😉 Normally I avoid to eat yogurt, for me personally, it tastes bit boring, but I swear this homemade sirup made me to eat white yogurt again! Another thing I would recommend is homemade jam or tomato ketchup.


Also we got a food deliver for birthday reception, and it was so delicious, from mini sandwiches, small croissant with salmon, pate, and all kinds of sweets – I must say it was a spot on!


Andrea is the founder and editor of www.catwalk-avenue.com

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