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17 Apr

My Spring Lips

Every season I discover new favourite lipstick, this time it is again lipstick from L’oreal Paris. I find them to last quite long, application is easy and the colours are gorgeous. My preferable way to wear this lippy is use a lipliner at first, so I can achieve the matt and long lasting effect.


Normally, I would just go for a classic lipstick with a bit of sheen or gloss in it but it would stay on my lips for maximum 30 minutes. I am not that kind of person that would touch up a makeup during the day so I find this little trick handy. In that way I do not need to worry, my makeup stays in place. By the way this lipstick is in colours chary pink, if anybody wonders. Happy easter ladies 🙂


Andrea is the founder and editor of www.catwalk-avenue.com

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