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6 Apr

Geen Juice Tea

Spring time equals detox time, right? When we come to spring, we tend to do all kinds of cleansing. Spring cleaning of our closets, kitchen, windows, garden that is all done. However I am always forgetting about myself, to take the time and recharge my body and mind.


So I decided that I will test this Green Juice Tea for you. To be quite honest, I am not that kind of person who does the detox every spring. However, I noticed my skin has never been worst than it is now. I am not quite sure, if it is due to the stress, long hours in the office, or just too much coffee intake or maybe not so healthy eating habits. Or maybe it is a mix of everything!? But one thing is for sure, I will give this green tea fellow a try and I will keep you updated what impact it has on my body.


I really want to know if it would work for me. This green juice tea contains 11 gently dried super food ingredients and it is:

  • 100% natural,
  • soy free,
  • vegan based,
  • NON GMO.


This should help your body with:

  • detoxifying,
  • supports immune functions,
  • help with mental clarifying,
  • and boost energy levels.


All and all, I think it would be also a good supplement to my training routine. My plan is to skip morning coffee and instead make this juice tea, every day for 14 days. Also, I decided to skip an alcohol for this period too in that way I would be able to write an honest review. So lets get stared!



Andrea is the founder and editor of www.catwalk-avenue.com

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