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15 Mar

Cuckoos Coffee Tip

Coffee, coffee and more coffee! I think it is difficult to find good coffee places here, in Denmark. It is not like you are woking in Rome and there is an amazing cappuccino at every corner. Yes, remembering that I mentioned this before, in my previous article here. This is where you can find my favourite spot in Copenhagen.


Anyhow, today I want to give two tips. One of them is of course a good coffee spot in Odense and another tip is an interesting and inspirational blog that I want to mention. The first things first, one of the places I visit quite often is this place. So for all of you visiting Odense, Denmark this is the restaurant to go to if you want a good coffee or nice lunch. Yam, yam coffee and macaroons to die for.


Secondly, let me introduce you to my dear friend Jeanette. As I mentioned, todays tip is also about a good blog to read. Jeanette is writing about food and thoughts connected to food and eating. She works with sports professionals as well as with private people who are much into sports, training and food. I thought I’ll share her blog with you, because her work is so inspiring and interesting, and also because she is such a sweetheart. So for all of you my nordic readers, here is a link to her danish blog Ro På Maden


Andrea is the founder and editor of www.catwalk-avenue.com