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19 Feb

Bff Weekend

Happy Sunday everybody! Here is a little weekend update from far, far away. Frankly I had no real plans for this weekend until my dear friend texted me yesterday if we want to pop for late lunch. Well … the deal was sealed.


I stared the day with very early morning run, already at 08:00 I was running in the forest with Ipso. Then I loaded a car and we were on the way to our secret place. Before lunch, I took a dip in the ice cold water and jumped to sauna. And then the lunch was so so good, the only thing I have to admit … the shot of danish snaps knocked my socks off !!!!! Do you know that feeling when you were physically active, then had a good hour in sauna and few dives in ice cold water … I will tell you, you can feel the one shot in your body 😉 not sure if I would recommend that.

PD4C7350 copy PD4C7381 copy PD4C7348 copyPD4C7345 copyPD4C7368 copy PD4C7367 copy PD4C7372 copyDanish sushi style lunch, rey breach topped with classic fish or pate. Glass of bear or maybe a small snap … I feel like an Easter holiday is just around the corner.
PD4C7370 copy PD4C7377 copy
Anyhow, I am having such a good weekend and so I hope you do 2♡


Andrea is the founder and editor of www.catwalk-avenue.com

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