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17 Jan

The Truth About My Breakfast

Okay, not the most healthy looking breakfast, right? But the truth is, that this is how my breakfast looks like theses days. I would wish my body could be going on #InstagramWorthy super delicious looking bowl of cereal with coconut milk, sprinkled with chia seeds, fresh berries and green smoothie.


With the amount of the energy I use during the day, green smoothie and bowl of cereal would buy me only 2 hours and then I would be hungry again. Yes, each body is very, very different. With that being said, I am craving a piece of bread with a ham and maybe a half of donut or chocolate croissant. I also need to point out I am not a big desert eater or candy addict, which means that I am not craving sweets during the day. I think this type of breakfast satisfies my appetite while having a hard condition training.


I know this might be a bit controversial, but really a piece of baguette with ham and donut, is my fuel for the start of an active day♡

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Andrea is the founder and editor of www.catwalk-avenue.com