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29 Jan


A dreamy outfit, indeed! I wore this dress quite a lot, for multiple reasons because it is so girly pretty and is it so comfy. Very appropriate for walks on the beach or in the resort.


Unfortunately, where I live there is not many days of summer and therefore not so many chances to wear dress like this. Not sure if it is my age or maybe a question of comfort but I prefer to wear maxi dress rather then mini dress. Some years back I would not even consider a maxi dress as an option … 😀 anyhow, I found similar maxi dresses here, here and here


And yes, I am back in gloomy and grey Denmark but I have to admit the 14 days of complete relax and workout in Lanzarote was just what I needed. To refresh my mind, body and soul was curtail to get ready for the long and busy season ahead of me. I feel much more energised and ready to take on new challenges ♡

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Andrea is the founder and editor of www.catwalk-avenue.com

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