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6 Jan

Our New Years Evening 2017

Few snap for our fabulous new years celebration. It was truly fantastic, amazing friends, delicious food from oysters, to black caviar, several small starters, beef, deserts just absolutely everything that one with big appetite and ‘nose’ for culinary kitchen could possibility imagine.


Again I have to confess my friends. I am very often the first one that goes to bed …. like I mean early! I really mean quite early around 10 pm  🙂 but this time I have lasted until midnight! Ok even better I guess until 3 am. Not sure, if it was my friends super powerful espresso or the epic dance moves we performed on the kitchen floor. Well, that fact is, it was truly awesome evening.


I was aslo so unrealistically positive about my 1. February mission. I thought I will wake up, have a nice fresh morning run at the beach, then hit the sauna and work on my projects. YEAH, far away from the truth, there was no spa and definitely no workout. I ended up in my couch watching reality shows. Well, that is also okay considering how busy the season was. I guess my new years wisdom and my personal goal is to learn to relax.
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Andrea is the founder and editor of www.catwalk-avenue.com

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