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26 Jan


What a perfect way to start our last day of vacation. There is something absolutely magical about Lanzarote coastline, it is these everyday hikes that boosts you with energy. This has become my everyday ritual, but the truth is that tomorrow morning we are flying back to Denmark and I am truly going to miss this.


Normally I am hiking in sportswear, but this time I wore more casual outfit. This combination is my favourite, simple striped t-shirt, denim shorts and straw hat. If you are interested you can get this hat HERE, it is probably the best one I own, because its size is adjustable so it does not fly away in windy days … and psssst it is now on sale 😉 in case you are wondering.


Well, my friends I am going to say good-bye for now. As I am going to the beach ♡
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Andrea is the founder and editor of www.catwalk-avenue.com

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