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17 Dec

Visit Of Baby Elliot

Ok, this is really unusual post, but I could not help myself not share few photos from yestreday when my friends new born son was on the visit. Actually the real reason was that I should take some cute baby photos of Elliot … but I am telling you, to take such a photo is not easy. I think it took us a pretty much twice as long as we planned. Because you know Elliot was hungry, then crying, then hungry again … 🙂 In the end, we were lucky because there was a moment of glory, when Elliot was a quiet baby and he was posing in front of the camera.


Anyhow this was a short update from yesterday, I hope you will have a nice advent weekend.  Let me know if you like baby Elliot’s photos 
pd4c5904-copy pd4c5756-copy pd4c5963bw



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