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6 Dec

Laila London

I love to discover new skin and health products, especially if it is made of all natural and organic ingreadients. This time I tested two products from Laila London and I was very positively surprised. I have been using the activated charcoal tooth whitening power and the nourishing day facial oil for some time now. So if you want to know more, ready the review bellow.



The very first product I tested was activated charcoal tooth whitening powder which is made of natural ingredients. I was excited to try this whitening powder out because something that promises to maintain a white smile is always welcome in my bathroom 🙂 This whitening powder was very gentle to my teeth, and I could see results with just one use. It is also quite interesting to use this poweder, so you just simply put a pinch of powder in the palm of your hand and dip wet toothbrush into product. Then you brush your teeth as you normally would. While brushing your teeth, the foam is getting very darkish or rather black … so do not freak out, it is a charcoal, you can rinse it off immediately. Overall, I think it is brilliant whitening powder and for sure I will be using it more regularly.

The second product from Laila London I tested is the nourishing day facial oil. This oil is 100% natural and organic and it is suitable for all skin types. I need to mention that I have normal to dry skin, if anybody is wondering. Usually I am pretty sceptical to use a day oil on my skin before I apply my make up. Simply because I think I will end up looking greasy. However this facial oil proved me wrong, I stared to use it in the mornings and applying makeup afterwards and I ended up with really flawless results. My skin was looking so glowy and healthy. Also I have to say my makeup was easier to apply onto my skin. Right now, I am using it very day, that is how much I felt in love with this day facial oil. All and all, if you want to spoil yourself and your skin, it is worth it to invest into Laila´s London awesome organic products.


Andrea is the founder and editor of www.catwalk-avenue.com

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