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13 Nov

How To Throw The Perfect Party

Whether it is a dinner party during the winter or summer, or a BBQ party it is important to plan ahead. Here are some tips on how to be the greatest hostess and throw the perfect party to ensure that your guests will have the best time ever.


Set the table & set the mood
Setting the table is the key and really it is not that difficult as it might seem. I do have some backs rules when it comes to placing cutlery. And that is the cutlery is placed in the order of use, which is from outside in. And the second rule is NO soup No spoon, this is something that people are forgetting. For me it´s important to have beautiful table, because it will enhance the food experience your guests will have at your dinning table.pd4c4796-recoveredscreen-shot-2016-11-13-at-08-16-02Image above via Pinterest.


Surprise starter and drinks
Oysters & champagne … yam, is there anything better then this? Well, I tell you if you will serve fresh oysters and champagne, you will set the right mood and the whole evening is on the good way to be a success. Of course, make sure that your guests are eating see food, otherwise it can easily be a disaster.


Serving the right starter and right amount, before your main dish is important as well. I don´t know of you have same experience but sometimes, the starters are same amount as the main dish. And at the time you are finishing your starter you have full stomach so you can basically ‘roll’ home. Anyway, the point here is to keep the portions small.
De-Lux main dish
When hosting a big dinner party it is sensible to keep it simple. Not only you will make life in the kitchen easier for yourself but typically the food that is prepared on few but delicious ingrediences will taste amazing. Like this simple stake, béarnaise sauce and home made, crispy french fries. For me this is the ulimate party winner.
Addicted to wine
You probably know by now, I love a good wine. As much time as you send on preparing your food, you should also invest some time into thinking about the wine you will serve for each dish. If you have an excellent wine and average food, or opposite it can ruin the experience from the whole evening. So be wise in your wine choices 😉
Oaky, the evening is in its fullest and it is a time for some entertainment. As you invested much time into setting the table right, cooking delicious meal and having the prefect wine, now it is the point when you should successfully end the dinner party with some entretaining activity. Honestly, I would prefer just a good music and pulling off my dance moves in the kitchen, however not everyone is so keen on that. So I would suggest you might prepare few games or activities, based on your friends, because in the end you know them better and you have sort of knowledge of what they like to do.
pd4c4876-recoveredSo, here you have it few tips to up your hosting game. Hopefully, you dinner parties will be a great success and your guest will love to return back.


Andrea is the founder and editor of www.catwalk-avenue.com

  • Natali

    Perfect !!!

    November 14, 2016 at 10:12