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4 Nov


Hamburg might not be the typical european touristic destination but somehow it’s one of my most favourites cities despite the fact I go there usually only in winter. But frozen Elbe, steel blue sky and run from the rain is magical too. Sometimes 🙂


So what makes Hamburg special? Firstly the harbour – it’s the second biggest in Europe. All those cargo ships, ferries and cranes are just within the sight of the city and close to Hafen – the old part of harbour with red bricked docks in between the channels. And right next to it the new part of the city is being build with prominent yet unfinished Elbe philharmonic hall. I always hope that next time it will be finished but still nothing. But maybe next year?


But no matter the hall, Hafen is a great place full of newest architecture. And when you are tired of it, you simply jump on the boat and move a bit to the older part to the one hundred year old Elbe tunnel or even further to Fish market. This is a famous place and one of the Hamburg’s icons. Every sunday morning all the people gathered here to have a breakfast after a long saturday night. And if you are early enough, there is even a band playing. Being in Hamburg and not going to Fish market is just wrongdoing. And the same with Reeperbahn, another iconic place in St. Pauli district. This street is kinda quiet during the day but when it gets dark, it changes to a place full of bars, clubs or striptease places. After all Hamburg is still a harbour full of sailors. It might sound like a place you don’t want to visit, but even a walk there after dark is great to soak up the atmosphere. And then you can move to Sternschanze, where are lot of cozy bars and restaurants.


And if you have more time, there are lot of shopping possibilities next to Alster or maybe some of the popular flea markets is on, then you can relax in Planten und Blomen park, visit some museums or make a trip to the nearest beach.


And if you are up for a good coffee, go to Elbgold or The Coffee Shop. And don’t forget to have some delicious dinner in any of restaurants in Portuguese quarter.