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23 Oct

Early Morning Tea

Iam still fighting with nasty cold, so I am writing directly from my bed. I have actually taken some photos, however after opening them in photoshop, I decided not to publish. Even if I applied a decent amount to make up, I still can´t hide red eyes and runny nose, so guys … so we skip that part, for today. I will pretty much working from bed today and drink a lots of tea with honey. Oh, yeah! Honestly, I hate these days, but my guess is that the body tells you when it´s enought. Hopefully, I will be fit for fight tomorrow.

Get the teapot here!bodum-assam-tekande-1-liter
Get the tea cup here!b-pop-up-r-c-2381086


Andrea is the founder and editor of www.catwalk-avenue.com

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