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2 Oct


Budapest is a perfect place for a weekend getaway. It’s reachable and cheap and moreover it’s a stunning city with a special atmosphere remembering the old times of austrian hungarian empire yet with modern vibes. It’s a part of a Easter Europe which can sometimes leads to a fear but don’t worry, English is widely spoken here and communism remains here only in some of the pieces of local architecture.

Why go

Spectacular buildings, cozy cafés, pulsing bars, culinary restaurant or thermal spas. Budapest has it all and it’s just up to you if you choose to be on a budget and spend a weekend in one of the cool hostels or if you want to add some luxury into your trip and enjoy great cuisine, shopping and wellness. Budapest has so many possibilities that every time you go there, there is something new to explore. And yet it’s not that crowded as other European capitals. And don’t forget about delicious Hungarian food, you will be really amazed by all the tasty dishes. And beside it they can be really cheap. So go and try goulash, langós, halászlé, fozelék and many other culinary surprises.

budapest-12 budapest-11 budapest-13

My experience

I got to Budapest by train from Prague and stayed in a cozy Airbnb flat near city center which was fairly cheap plus you get a lot of tips from a locals. I spent my days wandering around the city centre since the it’s quite small and all the important places as Parliament or Buda castle are in the walkable distance. I really enjoyed long walks by the Danube river watching all the cruising ships, admiring the Chain bridge and sipping coffee. In the evening I always visited one of the many thermal spas and let myself relief after the long day.

What to see

Beside all the must see tourist stuff like breathtaking Parliament, Buda castle, Chain bridge, St. Stephen’s church or Fisherman’s Bastion you should definitely visit thermal spas. There are many in Budapest – some of them are huge, some of them old but you will have a great time no matter where you are. Széchenyi are probably the most famous one and one of the biggest one with 15  thermal baths and 3 swimming pools. Rudas is an old turkish spa with  modern facilites and great thermal pool on the roof with spectacular view on the Budapest. Király is the oldest thermal spa in Budapest – it was build more than 400 years ago so if you are up to some ancient atmosphere, visit this place.

Budapest is really into a good coffee and while you walk in the city centre, you can explore many cool cafes. My favourite ones are Espresso Embassy and Madal Cafe – they are both amazing places with a great coffee. And if you are into something sweet, don’t miss Cake shop Budapest.

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  • dzsodzs

    Awesome post about my hometown 🙂
    You could also try one of the many great ruin pubs and the really popular live escape games. Those ones are really worth a try with your friends. Dont forget about wine: Hungary produces fantastic wine which is not really exported Western-Europe so take your chance and dive in the huge selection of Hungarian red, white or rose. And once you’re on it, increase the percentage, and go for the national sprit (Hungaricum): palinka. Spirit distilled from different fermented fruits – it’s a must!!

    October 15, 2016 at 21:41
    • Andrea

      Thank you for your comment 🙂 I am sure next time we are going to finish with Palinka. A.

      October 17, 2016 at 08:44