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1 Sep

Summer Dessert

You guessed it my favourite summer desert is … ice-cream, of course. But, preferably Italian ice-cream in strawberry flavour. Just to point out, I’m not a sugars addict I just love ice-cream like pretty much everyone else. I’d say it is considered ‘danger’ when ice-cream shop with italian goodies opens right next to place where you live. I could find multiple occasions when we tried to find an excuse for having a ice-cream. Here, are some of mine favourite desserts of this summer.




First of all, as I say before number one desert is surely the Italian strawberry ice-cream in the traditional ice-cream cone. But I must admit I’m not a fan of danish ‘guf’, it something I’ve not seen anywhere else. It is rather very fluffy mixture made of egg whites and sugar and seem to be very popular in here.






Ok, another dessert I am bossiest about is the ice-cream topped with hot berries and mint. I mean it is so easy to even make it yourself at home.




Oh goodness me! M&M’s topped ice-cream, it is bit of heavy load, surely not on my daily menu but once in while this sweet goodness is needed.




I hope you enjoyed my ice-cream parade. let me know in the comment bellow, what is your favourite summer dessert. 



Andrea is the founder and editor of www.catwalk-avenue.com

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