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14 Jun

Awesome Fonts

Creating amazing invitations for birthdays and weddings, web designs and much more can be a little challenging, especially if you want to have nice and cohesive theme. Today, I am revealing my secrets on how I compose my designs and what fonts I use.

I was asked couple of times what fonts and designs I am using on my blog. First of all, the place where I look for theme matching to my web design is this website. Then I select the font I love the most like this one HERE, download it and start creating. I mostly using a photoshop in combination with other free online platforms. My other favourite fonts are here, here, here and here.

I know that some of my friends are getting married this season, so I decided to share with you this amazing graphic design that you can use to costumize your wedding invitations. If you like water-colour, and lots of floral elements this is guaranteed something for you. Design like this one bellow “the dear” you can create in photoshop if you have right graphic design, you can get this design from here. You can again download this all season theme and start to layer element after element and in the end you should have a beautiful, stylish design like this one. I just to show you how easy and fun it is to create awesome invitations. remember some of the element comes as a already done preset, so it is really not that difficult to play with the symbols … just be creative!

I hope this post was helpful. Let me know what is your favourite font.
Screen Shot 2016-05-03 at 10.53.47


Andrea is the founder and editor of www.catwalk-avenue.com

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