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18 Feb

The Little Black Dress

Since we have a couple of events ahead of us, I thought I’d share the timeless, classic, chic and elegant dress of all times, its ‘the little black dress’. There are so many ways to style the little black dress. If it is a b-days party I personally prefer a pair of high heels, fitted coat or blazer and some pretty jewels. However, during more casual days I would pick dress (like number 4), I would wear it with white sneakers and loose fitted cardigan. It is simple as that.

Let me know what is your fave dress?

Photography: Kathrine Ottander

the little black dress

1. get it HERE 2. get it HERE 3. get it HERE 4. get it HERE 5. get it HERE 6. get it HERE 7. get it HERE 8. get it HERE

xoxo Andrea with love


Andrea is the founder and editor of www.catwalk-avenue.com

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