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24 Feb

5 Ways To Remove Your Makeup

There are so many ways to remove makeup, but today I am sharing my 5 tips and products on how to most effectively wash off any makeup residue. This is what I do to keep my skin looking fresh and radiant.

1. Facial Soap
In my night time routine, I´d like to start to remove my makeup with facial soap, which perps the skin for the following steps such as the classing water and gentle exfoliant cream. Just make sure you use a product that does not irritate your skin and eyes, and it is preferably perfume free.

172. Cleansing Water
Bioderma cleansing water, is by far my absolutely favorite product of all. I usually use this cleasing water after I have washed my face with the facial soap. This product is awesome for everyday use and removes makeup so nicely, it is not irritating for my skin at all.

12133. Gentle Exfoliant Cleansing Cream
This gentle exfoliating cleansing cream from Dr. Hauschka, I am buying over and over again. You can nearly see how much I´ve been using it, the tube is nearly empty. This product is kind of soft peeling makeup remover. It is great for removing foundation but obviously can not use it for removing mascara. I would even recommend it for those with very sensitive skin and I found out that this Dr. Hauschka is actually moisturising at the same time. The only down side of this product, it is probably NO GO for heavy makeup.
154. Cream Cleanser
This makeup cleanser by from Estée Lauder applies nicely and removes light foundation. I would recommend it for all those who are not wearing heaps of makeup every day. It is a good product if you have a dry skin especially during the winter time. I tend to leave it on my face for some minutes as a mask, and then rinse of with water. You can read the full product review, I’ve written right here.

Favorite product5. Vaseline
Good ‘old’ vaseline, is super tip for removing waterproof makeup. I personally use it only for long lasting lipstick, because it gets rid off the colour so smoothly and without drying lips.
14These five products I have in my bathroom all the time. I would recommend them all to you, but surely you need to decide for yourself because it is depends on the type of your skin and makeup you wear. I have normal to dry skin so it all works well for me. Let me know what you think?
Kathrine Ottander

Screen Shot 2016-02-24 at 14.47.34
1. Facial Soap – HERE 2. Bioderma Sensibio H2O – HERE 3. Dr. Hauschka – HERE 4. Estée Lauder Perfectly Clean – HERE  5. Vaseline – HERE
xoxo Andrea with love


Andrea is the founder and editor of www.catwalk-avenue.com

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