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19 Nov

Dash Of Inspiration

As you probably know, I love wearing jewelry; I love to combine different styles for example vintage with more modern peace’s. I am always on ‘hunt’ for more unique jewelry for different occasions. I must say, in the past couple of years I been wearing lots of gold. And since I am always trying to find a unique design that is why I felt in love with this original jewelry from UNO de 50. I could absolutely imagine wearing it with just simple black turtleneck and leather pants.


I do not know how about you, but I always keep the most sentimental and meaningful jewelry close, as I like to wear it all the time. Yes, I do love unique peace that remained me certain people, times or situations. Jewelry is pretty much like a perfume that can set you back in time and remind you the good or sad time. No matter what you it evokes in you, it is very personal and unique. Well, with me it is exactly like that and also I like to give a peace of jewelry to my loved once, because I know they will think of me, every time they set their eye on the ring or bracelet.


That brings me to the Christmas season, which is just around the corner and whether you are looking for a meaningful gift to give your mom, sister, bestie or just to your second half, here is a amazing collection of gold and silver jewelry both for men and woman. I love these silver bracelets for woman, specially this one. I could totally imagine it as a pretty gift for my little sister. Now I will hope she does not read this (smiling).

gold bracelet


TIP: If you want to achieve more edgy and interesting look, you can layer different necklaces or rings one on top of the other, which is my favorite way to re-style your old jewelry with the new pieces, and make it look fresh and stylish again. The trick is to layer similar color together, like gold with gold as well as styling it up with the lighter and simpler peace on the top and basically balance it out with more heavy or dramatic peace on the bottom.


I hope this has given you a dash of inspiration, when you will be shopping for Christmas gifts. I hope you are having a good week so far. And if you want to see inspiration for Christmas shopping, click HERE.










Andrea is the founder and editor of www.catwalk-avenue.com

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    Jewellery that define the flaunt of love and also inspiration of beauty. Necklace, rings and bracelets make more Interact with fashion jewellery.

    November 27, 2015 at 05:54