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1 Jun

Focus Andrea

Hello loves,

Sorry, I did not uploaded anything last Thursday, but my computer got some virus and now it is not working as it should. Also I was living in perception that MacBook simply can not get a virus …. well, now I know it can. Sure, I am not very technologically skilled person, since I can not even switch off our TV (certain people might be laughing now…). So basically, I am going to get it fixed this week and I will hope it will not further influence my work.

Lately, I had some terrible migraines nearly every day. I feel like it is an outcome of my long hours spend by looking into computer, readying and working on my research. The only thing that seams to help me to keep the focus, is a long cardio. Well, yes first 20 minutes is hell but then the headache is gone. So ladies, no more excuses like… “today it is not a good time for work out, coz I do not feel well”. Most of my time, I am training at home on a cross trainer but when the weather is good I am panning to run outside. I always feel so energised, and I am able to clear my thoughts. So today I am posting a special sports outfit from my favourite Thoni Mara. I have been wearing Thoni Mara sports clothes religiously, nearly for every work out. Especially, what I love most are the compression tights.

I hope you have nice Monday evening!



_MG_4674 _MG_4657 _MG_4652 _MG_4620_MG_4604_MG_4602

Photography: Kathrine Ottander

1. Thoni Mara Pullover – get one HERE
2. Thoni Mara T-Shirt – get one HERE
3. Thoni Mara Thing – get one HERE
4. Shoes Salomon – get similar HERE


Andrea is the founder and editor of www.catwalk-avenue.com

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