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10 Mar

The Sport Fanatic Weekend

…uh guys! What an emotional weekend. I was so touched to see my sis competing in this international event. She did so well, as she managed to run semi-finals although she was a bit disappointed because she did not improve her personal best. I apologise for the quality of the photos, I did only a TV shoots. Anyhow, I am such a proud BIG sis … (smiling).

I wanted to let you know, that I cannot ignore the fact that a big par of my life is sport and healthy lifestyle, so you will be seeing more articles related to this topic. For all of you fashionistas, you can just follow the fashion and beauty section 🙂 I really think this will be a source of inspiration for everyone.

Also now I can now officially announce that I will travel to Paris in the beginning of July… and what is the occasion?! Well, I am going to follow team Rynkeby on their way from Denmark to France! For those who does not know – Team Rynkeby is a charity project. The main  event of the year is that thousands are cycling from Denmark to Paris (approximately 1200 km) within a week. Basically, Team Rynkeby donates money to children cancer unit at Danish hospital. I cannot wait to follow this happening.

bw semifinal table bw sis semi hme

For all sports fanatics, like myself here is such a cool video from European Championship in Athletic in which my baby sister was part of.


[videos file=”https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SYsP2QlYPWw” width=”650″ height=”325″][/videos]






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