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6 Mar

Run Sister Run

Photography via: European-Athletics.Org

I realised that in the upcoming months I will be publishing much more lifestyle related  articles, so I thought why not to kick it off with my true role model. This article about one person that is so close to my heart, and who is my true inspiration and my best friend. I wanted to share the joy in my life by publishing the story about my baby sisters who is an exceptional athlete. With her approval, I am able to release this inspirational post. At first, I thought she will say no, as she is so humble and do not like to take any photos.  Anyhow you can read further, if you what to know more.

sister bw

“WOW”, was my first reaction when I found out that my sister won nationals. She is doing an athletics on professional level and her specialisation is sprint. And therefore you can imagine the moment of happiness when I read the big news on the internet. I was so happy for her, that it looked like it was nearly my own victory … (this is kind of sentimental moment) I tell you I had tears in my eyes. This is probably because I know how hard it is to win such a competition.

My sister and I, were always into sports and we did athletics since we were kids and it became such a vital part in our family lives. We were both extremely competitive and ambitious in many ways, not only sports but in our carriers. We also both entered a special school for the most talented athletes the country (side note: if I can write it that way). This turned out into years, and years of hard training, dedication, concentration and sacrifice. Once I graduated, I decided to stop with my professional sports career while my little sister carried on. She was always within the top sprinters in the country, and meanwhile she entered university Austria. So you can imagine the work load!

Even thought there were hard times in our lives, and some events turned our world upside down, she carried on with her athletics. Despite all that pain, grieve and other unwelcome injuries, she managed to stand on her own feets. Also at the New Years Eve, she injured her pelvic while working out in the fitness. It was such a bad injury that we ended up calling the ambulance, because at that point her legs were paralysed. And so I was not really sure if she will be able to perform and get back to shape. To date, two months later she runs European Championship, and for all of that she has my respect. And if she is not going to make it into semi-finals or finals ….who cares?! She has proved more than that! But as I know her she will try to fight her way into next rounds. Anyhow, right now the European Championships in athletics is in full swing, so shall we all cross fingers for her and wish my sister Petra ‘GOOD LUCK’.

Initially, I wanted to travel to Prague to support her but tickets were already sold out. Never mind, I am going to watch Eurosport so can You! For LIVE streaming click HERE. Petra’s first start is tomorrow 7.3.2015 at 10:00 (60m) !!!!!!

The last thing I want to say is that, my baby sister is like a closest friend, yet much more, for she is of the same blood, and tied to me in a way that cannot be explained. Let’s just say I could have no other take her place, for she is unique, I love her so, and she is my sister, nobody else’s.



Screen Shot 2015-03-06 at 11.32.07



Andrea is the founder and editor of www.catwalk-avenue.com

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