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14 Feb

Valentines Day

Before I will fully dive into my studies … btw, this is was I was doing all day so far, I wanted to share with you what I got for Valentines Day. These two little gifts are the ultimate and most thoughtful things, that always make me happy, especially when they are given with a love.

new flowers edit new 1. Peonies In Love
Flowers, flowers…for me it is a gift number one! I have to admit that I truly enjoy fresh flowers much more then any kind of materialistic gift. As I got this week a bouquet of fresh flowers as a sweet surprise present form my loved one, it really made me happy.

macarons in love editorial2. Sweet Macarons
This is guilty pleasure of mine…sweet treats! It is so difficult to get them the place where I live but again my dearest one was lucky and found them. So I consider myself as a very fortunate lady (smiling). I will never say NO to these delicious babies! Here, you have it – most timeless and sentimental little gifts that I LOVE!

I hope you are all having a truly “LOVELY” weekend!

PS: Let me know who was your Valentines Day?



Andrea is the founder and editor of www.catwalk-avenue.com

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