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2 Dec

Trash Couture

I am proud to introduce you to an amazing and very talented Danish designer Ann Wiberg and her Trash Couture. It was honour to meet Ann and see her stunning couture atelier in Copenhagen.

Photos by Michaela Vallachova.

Ann Wiberg-7230As I said Ann is very talented and well know Danish designer. Impressively at the age 26 she launched her first collection and opened her first store in Notting Hill in London. She was awarded with the prestigious Gold Button, for her unique couture designs. Also in 2014 she was selected to represent Denmark at the Paris Fashion Week. Her dresses represent everything that women would like to feel like unique, beautiful, empowered and daring yet elegant.

Ann Wiberg-7202Truly an inspirational evening, with a glass of red wine and chatty atmosphere. Ann has shared with us her journey as couture designer and much more.

Ann Wiberg-7249

Ann Wiberg-7242Exploring the endless variations of couture dresses while admiring Ann’s attention to details.

Ann Wiberg-7261Ann Wiberg-7223Some of Ann’s creations on display. They are made with beautiful antique fabrics, laces, beads and embroideries. The collections are hand sewn and the style is a mixture of baroque with rocky chic.
Ann Wiberg-7275Each dress tells its own story!

Ann Wiberg-7247

Misty Copeland and Alexandre Hammoudi, take a moment and admire the beauty of dance art and truly one of a kind couture dresses by Ann Wiberg.

Photos via Ann Wiberg.

Here is some editorial work, breath taking isn’t it?!t c purplet c black

 I hope this was as inspirational for you as it was for me! I have no more to say than Trash Couture is absolutely one of a kind, unique, empowering, extraordinary, chic yet contemporary ,- perfect match for the confident and modern fashionista. Let me know what do you think and comment bellow!
So if you ladies love it as much as I do,- You are also welcome to book an appotment for wedding and evening collections HERE!!



Andrea is the founder and editor of www.catwalk-avenue.com