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19 Nov

How To: Spice Up Your Look For Autumn/winter

As I promised you in my last article, I will do something different, so here it is. A little HOW TO article on autumn/winter trend tips. These are things that I like to do to update my winter look. So NOW, you can get “winter” ready with me!


TIP 1: Hat It UP – similar HERE
You must know by now, I am a HAT lady. I love to wear differnt hats all year around, and so this cutie woollen black hat will keep me warm during cold winter days.
How to-6890TIP 2: Darken Your Eyebrows – get one HEREDarken Your Lipstick – get one HERE
My whole makeup look is slightly more dramatic over the winter. It is great tip to choose a shade darker eyebrow pencil then usual. Naturally, with season change I tend to go for all shades of red lip, currently I am wearing deep burgundy red lip or the prefect red lip.

How to-6898TIP 3: Darken Your Nail Polish – get one HERE, HERE or HERE
Yes, it is so easy – go for all shades of brown, burgundy, or deep green colours. Personally, I think it is interesting to use matt effect nail polishes for winter. Small touches make a big difference.

How to-6826

TIP 4: Layer UP – similar HERE
I love to use scarves and especially the fluffy once. Here, I am paring simple denim shirt with my beloved scarf. It is great to emphasise the waist with simple belt, as it is incredibly slimming.
How to-6853

TIP 5: Winter Perfume – get one HERE and HERE
I do not know how about you but with a season chaining, I always switch my perfume. Since last year I have been loving Gucci Guilty and Lady Gaga.
How to-6815

TIP 6: Add Texture Or Prints To Your Outfit – get similarHERE
It is a good way to spice up winter look with some textures like here, faux fur and tweed together with printed boots.
How to-6875

TIP 7: Leather Glows – similar HERE
Last but not least choose some trendy leather glows that gives bit of interesting touch to your outfit, it is all in accessories.
How to-6910

So that was it, for this autumn/winter tips, I hope it was helpful and you can guys let me know what are yours tips for winter!?

Stay True To Yourself


1. Hat – get similar HERE
2. Eyebrows – get similar HERE & Lipstick L’Oreal Paris – get one HERE
3. Nail polish OPI get similar HERE, nail polish L’Oreal Paris get one HERE
4. Scarf – get similar HERE
5. Perfume Lady Gaga – get one HERE or Perfume Gucci Guilty – get one HERE
6. Boots – get similar HERE

7. Glows – get similar HERE

Photos by Michaela Vallachova.


Andrea is the founder and editor of www.catwalk-avenue.com

  • Renfashionista

    Great tips and you look wonderful! Super nice fall/winter make-up and I like the gloves!:-)

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    November 20, 2014 at 16:34
  • Priscila

    Nice post! Love!
    My Showroom

    November 24, 2014 at 18:26